Run Neptune anywhere

You can run your experiments in any environment and log them to Neptune. There are just two things you need to do:

  • install Neptune client

    pip install neptune-client
  • add logging snippet to your scripts

    import neptune
    neptune.init(api_token='', # use your api token
                 project_qualified_name='') # use your project name
    # training logic
    neptune.log_metric('accuracy', 0.92)


if you are not using Python don’t worry. Read how to:

Environment variables

Instead of passing api_token and project_qualified_name directly to neptune.init() you can use environment variables:

  • NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN: where you put your Neptune API token



    It is recommended to keep your API token in the environment variable for security reasons. To see how to get api token read how to get Neptune API token.

  • NEPTUNE_PROJECT: where you put your project qualified name



    Remember that project qualified name has two parts ‘WORKSPACE/PROJECT_NAME’ for example ‘neptune-ai/credit-default-prediction’. Read how to create a project here.

See how you can run Neptune with:

Different languages:

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