Install neptune-contrib: Neptune extensions contributed by the community (3 min)

neptune-contrib is an open-source library with Neptune extensions created by the community.

Installing minimal contrib

To install it, open a terminal or CMD (depending on your operating system) and run this command:

pip install neptune-contrib

Installing submodule dependencies

Neptune contrib comes with a few helper submodules:

  • neptunecontrib.api: extensions to the neptune api

  • neptunecotnrib.bots: accessing experiment data through a bot

  • neptunecontrib.hpo: Neptune utils for hyperparameter optimization

  • neptunecontrib.monitoring: Neptune utils for various machine learning frameworks

  • neptunecontrib.versioning: Data versioning utils

  • neptunecontrib.viz: Vizualization utils

Some of the dependencies may not be installed with the minimal installation.

To install them you can add the suffix [SUBMODULE] to your pip command.

For example:

pip install neptune-contrib[monitoring]

It will install all the minimal dependencies as well as the specific neptunecontrib.monitoring dependencies.

Installing all dependencies

You can also install all the dependencies.


this may install a lot of things that you don’t need.

pip install neptune-contrib[all]

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