selected integrations

Neptune comes with 25+ integrations with Python libraries popular in machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning.

How integrations work?

Integrations are written using neptune-client and provide a convenient way to jump-start working with Neptune and a library that you are using. There is no need to integrate your code manually using neptune-client (it’s easy though).

Each integration, that is installation, scope and usage example are explained in detail in the documentation (see: PyTorch Lightning for example).


You can always use neptune-client to log data to experiments . If you need more control or explicit logging, you can always use it (all integrations use it anyway).

My library is not here. What now?

There are two common paths:

  1. You can always use neptune-client , our open source Python library for logging all kinds of data and metadata to experiments.

  2. Contact us directly via mail ( or chat (that little thing in the lower right corner) to discuss what you need and how we can deliver it.