See what everyone on your team is doing

Neptune lets you have every piece of every experiment or notebook of every teammate in one place

You can execute experiment code on your laptop, cloud environment, or a cluster and every information will be logged to the central storage hosted by us or deployed on-premises.

Run ML experiment everywhere see them in one place

How does Neptune help different people on your team?

Data Scientist:

  • See ML experiments your teammates run

  • See and download notebooks that your teammates are creating

  • Share anything you want with a link

Machine learning engineer:

  • Have a central registry for the models, experiments, and notebooks

  • Find and fetch everything you need programmatically

Team leader:

  • See what your team is doing, any time, anywhere without logging to a remote server

  • Find the information that you want to check quickly

  • Save dashboard or experiment views for later and link to them from other tools