Assign People to a ProjectΒΆ


Note that you can only collaborate on your private projects in a Team workspace. Try Team workspace with 1 project and 10 GB for free.

Read how to set up a Team workspace.


Only a project Owner can assign people to the project. Learn more about project roles.

  1. In the Project panel, click Settings, then click the People tab.

  • The tab displays the list of project members who already belong to the project.

  • Above the list is a field in which you can type an email or username of people you want to assign to a project. Neptune identifies names and emails for people who already have an account.

  1. Specify an email or username of a user you want to add.

  2. Set a role and click Invite.

Add users to project


  • If a user is registered in, s(he) can be added from the UI, under Project Settings > People. If the user is not yet registered in, s(he) can be invited by email. In any case, the user needs to accept the invitation, before s(he) appears in the list.

  • If the project is created in an individual workspace, you can only invite users to a public project. The user is notified by email and must accept the invitation to be added. You cannot add users to a private project.