Jupyter Lab and Jupyter NotebookΒΆ

You can run your experiments Jupyter notebooks and track them in Neptune. You just need to:

  • In one of the first cells install Neptune client

    ! pip install neptune-client
  • Create Neptune experiment

    import neptune
    neptune.init(api_token='', # use your api token
                 project_qualified_name='') # use your project name

To make sure that your API token is secure it is recommended to pass it as an environment variable.

  • Log metrics or other object to Neptune (learn what else you can log here).

    # training logic
    neptune.log_metric('accuracy', 0.92)
  • Stop experiment



Neptune supports keeping track of Jupyter Notebook checkpoints with neptune-notebooks extension. If you do that, your notebook checkpoints will get an auto-snapshot whenever you create an experiment. Go here to read more about that.