Use Telegram Bot to access experiment information

Telegram integration with Neptune


You need to install neptune-client and neptune-contrib.

pip install neptune-client neptune-contrib --user

Create telegram bot api token:

  • Open the Telegram app

  • Search for the BotFather user

  • Start a conversation with BotFather and click on start

  • Send /newbot and follow the instructions on the screen

  • Copy the bot token

Fire up Telegram Bot

python -m neptunecontrib.bots.telegram_bot \
--telegram_api_token "asdasfasdg23523rfasdfasd" \
--neptune_api_token "ANONYMOUS"


You can use anonymous token with access to public projects or your own private token.

Talk to your bot

Ask for projects or last experiments.

Telegram integration with Neptune

Plot metric charts directly into your Telegram.

Telegram integration with Neptune


You can learn more about Telegram bot in the neptune-contrib documentation about Telegram.